TC1 Gel Reviews – #1 Topical Pre-Workout for Men and Women!

tc1-gelDon’t we all wish to do more reps and sets than what we do daily? Workouts will help us to build sculpted body, but do we have time to spend in the gym, even if we manage can we be really regular after handling our hectic schedule.

So what do we do, you would ask. Well, there are many options in the market but I have got you something very different from others and it is called TC1Gel. You can take before and after your exercise to blaze through your workout regimen without feeling loss of energy.

I know we women always wish to have toned muscles and this gel can help you with that but to know how does it work do read my review till the end.

A quick rundown of what TC1Gel is all about

To put it simply, it is a pre-workout topical gel which is created to improve your workouts to a greater degree with the help of thermogenic process. The heat this gel exudes will help your muscles to stay lose all through your workout. It also doubles up as the post workout gel as its formulation has antioxidants and pain relieving oil which are very effective in soothing your sore muscles at the end of your exercise routine to prevent any muscle injury.

You will be able to see TC1Gel benefits when more sweat will ignite your workouts, tighten the flabby parts and soothe the tight muscles in your body.

What does it include that assists this gel with the thermogenic process?

Like I have told you above, its formulation is capable of heating you up but now I am going to tell, what are the active ingredients in this gel, why does this work so effectively? When you apply this gel on your body, you will start to feel the hot rush and Capsaicin is the reason behind this.

If next time you go for water after eating XYZ food, it must be because it has Capsaicin in it. It is a compound which is mostly present in the hot chili peppers, capsicum and in the bell peppers. TC1Gel will help you to sweat more through the metabolic stimulation in your body which increases the rate at which your body burns fat due to the release of adrenaline and you know they don’t say it for wrong that sweat is fat crying. The Capsaicin in it helps to oxidize fat and when you combine it with your workouts you can increase your fat breaking down process or lipolysis. It also has the inhibitory effect against fat acculturation.

Like I said above, it also doubles up as the post workout gel and can relieve your pain. It does because it has anti-inflammatory proprieties.

TC1-tipsHow should I use this gel?

Since it is not a supplement, its usage will be different. Below are the steps you need to follow to see desirable results.

STEP 1:- First examine those areas which you wish to work up or those problem areas which looks fat like abdomen area, arms, and thigh area.

STEP 2:- After that, take out the required amount of TC1Gel in your palm and apply it on that part of the body. Gently massage those areas too with your hand. Make sure you apply it 20 minutes prior to doing exercise.

STEP 3:- Wrap the TC1 sweat band around your belly to lock in the gel and to let this formulation soak into the muscles.

After these steps, you can start doing your workouts. With each heartbeat up, your body will pour out more sweat. At the end of your workouts, simply remove your sweatband and wipe off this gel and sweat with a cool wash cloth.

These women after a very long time feeling hot, not because of the weather but getting the sexy figure they thought was possible to attain. All thanks to the TC1Gel. Have a look at their experience

Ashly 29 says “I rubbed TC1Gel on my stomach and arms and within minutes I felt sweat ignition running through my body. This gel really makes me sweat more and because of that, I am able to burn more calories. This is such an innovative idea.

Nathalie, 30 I used to come home with pain all over my body this is when someone recommended me to use TC1Gel. It works wonderfully to soothe the sore muscles in my body. Loving it whole-heartedly!

From where to buy?

For our convenience, it is exclusively available through the online mode. To make a purchase of TC1Gel, simply click the link below. Right now the manufacturers have cut down its price up to 75% so avail this offer fast before it runs out of the stock

tc1-gel-buyCan I use it everywhere on my body?

Not exactly everywhere. Like do not apply on your breast, vagina, on your face or neck area and if you have an open wound, broken and irritated skin then do not apply this gel over there. If you are trying to get pregnant or nursing than strictly stay away from this gel.

Do I need to worry about any side effects or can I go ahead safely?

No, it doesn’t have any side effects. Look over its formulation, it is mainly composed of wax, oils, and Capsaicin and they all are plant derived which are natural and safe to apply daily.

It has capsaicin in it and little stimulation is expected. Many skin type also shows temporary redness but don’t worry it will go away on its own in a short while. But if you feel irritation or burning feeling, stop using it and immediately consult it with your doctor.

How many times can I apply this gel?

This gel is engineered to even give you inspiration in your perspiration. Apply this gel twice in a day and do your workouts for maximum 60- 70 minutes. The more you workout more you will start to feel the effects rushing through your body. With more sweat pouring out of your body, your motivation level will also go up and you will be able to train harder. Another point, make sure that you apply it alone not with any sunblock and lotion to prevent the efficacy of this gel from blocked.

It is the topical gel, won’t it stain my clothes?

It is composed of petroleum gel which takes little bit more time to fully absorb into the skin so I would advise you to either wear dry fit pants or wash your clothes in a cold water after each workout.

What extra measures do I need to keep in mind while using this gel?

After you are done with the application, immediately wash your hands properly with the soap to prevent this formulation from getting into the eyes. Even if it does get into the eyes, rinse it with the cold water. Do not take it lightly if the irritation persists. It needs to store in the cool and dry place to prevent its formulation from getting liquefied that is why never keep it under the sunlight.

Is it suitable for everyone?

Yes of course. But do make sure to keep it away from the reach of children under 18 and if you are allergic to capsaicin, strictly stay away from it would do you good. TC1Gel will cause the thermogenic reaction in your body and it might possible that not all body will be compatible with higher metabolic rate do consult with your doctor before starting the course with this topical pre-workout gel.

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