Workouts That Can Reverse The Aging Signs

It is a known fact that working out can keep you slim, ward off diseases and boost your mood.

A new study has shown that working out in a particular manner can take that age off your skin! A technique called HIIT- High Intensity Interval Training. HIIT consists of giving all your energy in bursts of intense exercising with short recovery periods until exhausted to continue.

Here is a list of HIIT exercises that reverse aging. They do not require any equipment. Hence, you can do them anywhere and everywhere. Take 30 seconds of breathing time between each set of exercise.

1- Sit Ups

Lie on a mat with your hands under your head and clasp your fingers tightly. Your elbows should be directed towards the sides of the room. Now bend your knees and keep your feet firmly on the ground. This is the starting position.

Exhale and raise your torso to your knees. Keep your face and chin up. Slowly and carefully go back to the starting position and repeat this exercise about 30 times.

2- Jump Squats

Stand in such a way that your knees bend a little, but spine remains upright. Try to do a squat, bend your knees and take a sit-down position. Keep your thighs parallel to the ground and stay in that position. Take a vigorous jump and land your body in the same squat position. Try to do a smooth landing and stay in that position before you feel exhausted.

Try to do this work out on a mat or on grass, otherwise you will end up putting a lot of stress on your knees, which could be fatal in the long run. You can do 40 of these.

3- Push Ups

Get into a plank position. Your wrists should be below your shoulders, not bent at an angle. and your hips should be above knees. Slowly, bend your elbows and push your upper torso to the ground, come back to the beginning position by lifting yourself up. Repeat 8-10 times.

4- Tricep Dips

Sit on the floor with your knees facing upwards and feet firmly sticking on the ground. Place your hands behind you, with your finger facing your butt. Your hands should be directly under the shoulders. Lift your hips in the air and try to remain there till your body begins to shake. Repeat this exercise 8-10 times.

5- Burpees

Burpees is 4-point move. Stand up, place your hands on the ground, push your legs backward till fully extended. You will end up in a push up position. Now, take a quick jump towards your hands. Stand up quickly with your hands towards the ceiling. Repeat this 5-8 times.

In a Nutshell

All these exercises shall help you to reverse the aging signs and symptoms however, your diet and stress too play a major role. Eat healthy food and stay stress free.

If you feel that you are too undisciplined to exercise at home, you can perhaps join a gym or get a personal trainer or you can gather some friends who have similar motives and you can exercise together. This way exercising will be regular as well as fun!

You can catalyse your anti-aging process by the use of natural anti-aging creams like Vitalure Skin Care, it is an intensive wrinkle reducer that keeps the skin hydrated and supple for all day long. This all-in-one anti-aging moisturizer will let you feel 10 years younger than your present age in weeks only.

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What Is The Best Skin Care Line For Anti-Aging?

Aging is inevitable. Skin is bound to sag, wrinkles will appear, pores will become humongous. However, aging process can be unhurried, but with deliberate efforts & period. There are many ways to look younger than you are. You can go for many chemical treatments like Botox, skin lift. With the advancement of technology many dermatologists also went back to rediscover age old methods of defying age. Many ingredients found in nature are effective in treating signs of aging. A list of such ingredients is compiled below- you can choose a cream/ serum/ lotion which contains them. One is the favorite skin care cream see here skintologymd review

Vitamin C and Vitamin E

Vitamin C is an active ingredient with potent levels of anti-aging properties Premier anti-aging creams have Vitamin C extracts as their key component. Vitamin C has the ability to heal skin from the inside out. It protects your skin from UV rays, inflammation, pigmentation but very little of it can work on the epidermal layer, unfortunately. That is why it is crucial to apply Vitamin C topically as well. You can also make a citrus mask at home using very few ingredients. For that, you will need

  • organic honey- 1 teaspoon

  • lemon juice- 1/2 teaspoon

  • lavender essential oil- 1-2 drops

  • brown sugar- 1/2 teaspoon

Mix all the ingredients together to make a runny consistency. Apply it on your face, using a brush. Leave it for 20 to 30 minutes. Wash off using cold water to reveal a fresher, brighter and firmer-looking skin. You can also use an apple cider vinegar to tone your skin.

Vitamin C, on its own is an unstable element. Hence, it is combined with Vitamin E to give the benefits of both. Vitamin E works as a stabilizer to increase shelf life of the creams. Vitamin E is also known as the skin vitamin. It works as an excellent emollient, removes scars, prevents acne. You can use store bought vitamin E capsules, puncture them and apply it on your face. It will make your face shiny and smooth.


Peptides are bits of protein that help in building the skin. Introducing peptides to your skin can increase its elasticity, make it hydrated and diminish the signs of aging. Peptides, however, cannot work on their own. They need many other supporting elements as well.

Aloe Vera

The leaves of aloe vera plant contains many minerals, nutrients and enzymes which are beneficial for human health. The leaves of aloe vera plant store a lot of water in gel form. Aloe vera can cater to almost all the dermal issues that your skin can have- it can heal wounds, hydrate your dry, flaky skin and can restore your skin’s natural firmness.

One of the best skincare products that is selling like hot cakes is Skin Endear Anti-Aging Cream .It is a wrinkle-reducing formula which offers help to achieve impressive results. Skin endear anti-aging cream has all the above ingredients in optimal quantities. This formula significantly reduces puffiness, redness and even bouts of eczema. By incorporating this skincare product in your daily regime, you’ll be able to attain a healthy-looking skin.

Final Verdict

Be comfortable in your skin, feel beautiful. Use products if you need to, but to bring out your inner beauty and not to hide the flaws on your external self.





Lumidaire Serum: Retain Your Skin Wrinkle-free & Healthy!

As women get older, their body steadily changes beginning with facial skin, especially around the eye area. A plenty of aging marks appear on skin’s upper surface making it sensitive and due to the external damage. Moreover, the steady loss of collagen protein leads the skin to heal less and enhances the appearance of wrinkles, eye bags under-eye circles, dark spots and more. A balanced dietary routine and exercise are important for a younger looking skin but sadly they are not sufficient to decrease the epidermal degradation. So, to slow down the aging process, women use different kinds of beauty treatments like laser therapy, invasive surgery or expensive products.

The outcomes of these treatments are not permanent, these kinds of treatments not just costly, but also have a plenty of dangerous side-effects. However, if you are searching for an effective age-defying solution, it’s good to turn on Lumidaire Serum. It is specifically made for your sensitive eye area. This one is the best formula that supports an increase in collagen levels and reducing the look of aging marks around the eye area. By applying this innovative skin care technology, it eradicates the look of stubborn aging signs and promoting vibrant skin.

What is it exactly all about eye serum?

Lumidaire Serum is really a powerful and premium-quality solution that is capable of eradicating each and every aging spot around your eye area. It helps in eliminating under-eye circles, age spots, eye bags, aging spots and much more. With the help of this eye serum, you will be capable of waking up regularly with a youthful, refreshed and revitalized skin appearance. Now, you will no longer need to worry about having heavy makeup on your facial skin to hide the appearance of aging signs. It gives breath to your skin when you include it to your regular regimen.

Dissimilar to many other skin care products on the market, it is a refreshing, lightweight, and highly absorbent formula. Once you use this product to your skin daily, you will be capable of noticing all the outstanding benefits that it has to provide. It will help your skin to look flawless and years younger in just a few weeks. The blend of ingredients combat under-eye puffiness and tighten your skin naturally. It targets the most delicate part of your body (eye area). If you incorporate it into your daily skin care regimen, then you will definitely experience the long-term skin care results.

Ingredients in Lumidaire Serum!

Before investing your money in Lumidaire Serum, it’s important to check out the ingredients so that you can make the right decision for your facial skin. Well, the product does not contain any cheap fillers, additives, chemicals or synthetic ingredients. It consists of:

  • Antioxidants

Basically, they preserve your facial skin by limiting the growth rate of free radicals that can completely damage the skin cells. They can actually give lot for the appearance and well-being of your skin including eliminating the worst aging marks from the root cause. There are many benefits of applying this ingredient such as preserve your facial skin from the sun exposure daily. It will cleanse your skin gently and effectively. It plays a main role in skin elasticity and tightening. This ingredient will reduce dirt particles and impurities in depth. It is a potent substance that assists in fighting against skin inflammation.

  • Peptides

This effective ingredient comes in a little and long chain of amino acids. Here is present the entire process, when it forms the long chain of amino acids, this one becomes essential proteins. But when it is a short chain, it is completely capable of penetrating your skin’s surface upper layer. Best of all, it will send some signals to the skin cells and collagen is actually one of the most important proteins in the facial skin. This ingredient naturally increases the growth of collagen in the skin. Not only this, it can also revitalize your skin from the root cause.

  • Vitamins

First of all, they work well to block the free radicals from your body that plays a great part in the process of aging. This ingredient will eradicate the ugly deep-set wrinkles and maintain your skin younger looking for years to come. It has all the essential properties that your skin needs to look youthful and flawless. The ingredient has been clinically tested to prevent the aging spots, wrinkles and rough skin caused by sun exposure.

Tell me the exact applying process of this brand new eye serum!

Thankfully, the applying process of Lumidaire Serum is really simple just like any other skin care product. This solution is effective for your skin that needs a proper nourishment and care. Here is present some steps to finally attain your beauty goals within a few weeks. It is advised to apply this serum twice in a day (morning & night). Now, take a look at the steps!

  1. Cleansing

Your first step should be cleansing your face every time when you apply this serum. You can apply any gentle cleanser and wash your facial skin with lukewarm water. This process will help to remove all the dirt, excess oil and dust particles.

  1. Application

Once your facial skin is absolutely cleaned then take a soft towel and dry your entire skin. Do not rub tightly. Now take a very small amount of this product on your palm and use it around your eye area.

  1. Absorption

Finally, you have to wait for sometimes like 5 to 10 minutes as the absorption process can take time. Do gently massage your skin especially around your eye area. Once the serum is deeply absorbed, you will automatically feel positive changes on your skin.

List of promising benefits:

  • Works really well to keep away aging marks around the eye area

  • Helps to get rid of even the most obvious and deeply set crow’s feet

  • Offers you a significant reduction in skin sagginess, dryness and blemishes

  • Makes you completely able of attaining a radiant and clear skin complexion

  • Keeps your eye area smoother, healthier and moist throughout the day

  • Offers substantial support for an ageless, wrinkle-free and beautiful appearance

  • Also counters the harmful effects of stress and depression

  • Injection-free formula to enhance your entire skin tone

From where can I buy it?

If you are a first time user then you have the opportunity to take advantage of a RISK-FREE TRIAL package. Lumidaire Serum is currently providing the free sample of this eye serum that will help you make the right decision whether the product is good for you or not. All you need to do is, click on the official web page and place an order for this age-defying formula now. Hurry up as the stock is limited.

Lumidaire Serum- Any known side-effects?

NO, not at all! There are no side-effects have been reported of Lumidaire Serum. Those women who have applied it for a long time have experienced a plenty of anti-aging benefits without putting extra efforts. Now, it’s your turn to give your skin the best skin care treatment that it deserves to look years’ younger and beautiful.

Is it recommended or not?

Yes, Lumidaire Serum is 100% recommended by the leading team of skin care professionals and dermatologists as an effective age-defying treatment for those women who actually need the best solution to preserve their eye area from the worst appearance of aging signs.

Who can’t apply this eye serum?

All those ladies who are under 30 years of age, should not apply Lumidaire Serum as it may cause negative effects on their skin’s health.

Nouvebelle Anti Aging Face Cream Makes You Look Younger!

nouvebelle-anti-aging-face-creamNouvebelle Anti Aging Face Cream

The more you try products on your skin, the more they make your skin’s condition worse. Yes, it happened with me, and hence, I started using Nouvebelle Anti Aging Face Cream on my face, which worked well without being harsh on my face and made me maintain a youthful appearance at an increasing age. Find out, how it works!

About Nouvebelle Anti Aging Face Cream

Most of our skin is exposed to the harsh environmental effects, which make it essential to use a solution that works all day. Nouvebelle Anti Aging Face Cream is a scientifically proven age defying skin care solution that fights with all signs of aging throughout the day, and makes your skin flawless. This works like a fountain of youth in a bottle, try it out now!

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Nouvebelle Anti Aging Face Cream Ingredients

SyNatrol TC is the principal ingredient of Nouvebelle Anti Aging Face Cream, a bioactive enriched extract found from Terminalia chebula fruit. This compound is loaded with anti-oxidant, anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties, making it effective on all skin types.

How does Nouvebelle Anti Aging Face Cream Work?

Collagen is the most essential element for skin firmness and elasticity and its level is well elevated by Nouvebelle Anti Aging Face Cream religious use. It reverses the aging process by releasing the Hyaluronic acid and stimulating the collagen I and II proteins. It attacks the wrinkles and other aging signs at their sources, leaving an impact in as little as three days.

how does it work


  • Pure natural ingredients
  • Safe to use and free from all harmful impacts on skin
  • Makes you look younger in a natural manner
  • Ensure beauty without Botox
  • Look up to 10 years younger
  • A face lift in a bottle
  • 30 Day money back guarantee
  • Unanimous user’s choice


  • Never seen in retail stores
  • Not meant for allergic or sensitive skin
  • Not made for minors under 18

Side Effects?

The best feature of Nouvebelle Anti Aging Face Cream is its safety measurements. Well, yes, it’s a pure natural anti aging cream that doesn’t include any harsh chemicals or other mysterious elements in its composition; which makes it safe on all skin types and effective too. Besides, it’s better to consult a dermatologist first before using it. After all, your skin may be allergic to any of its ingredients or the other, who knows!

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How to Use Nouvebelle Anti Aging Face Cream?

Always wash and dry your hands and face before going for Nouvebelle Anti Aging Face Cream application. Reason behind it is hygiene. So you can take a small amount of this solution on your fingertips and rub your face and neck gently and smoothly without being harsh. Leave it as it is for 10-15 minutes, and then feel the change in your skin after wards. Use daily for maximum results.

Things You Must Know

  • Have a consultation done by a dermatologist before using it
  • In case of irritation or allergy, discontinue using it and consult the skin expert
  • For external use only
  • Do not bring it in contact with mouth and eyes
  • Keep it away from children’s reach
  • Store it at a normal room temperature
  • Close the bottle tightly after each use
  • Don’t refrigerate it and protect from heat

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Where to Order?

It’s so simple! You just have to click on the link posted on the same page and you are ready to hit the order button to get Nouvebelle Anti Aging Face Cream package at your doorstep. Don’t forget to claim for amazing trial offer given to first time users. Buy now!

Personal Experience

Although it’s not good to say negative things about any other product, though I want to say something without mentioning the names, that all other products there in the market are just part of some ‘money making by false marketing’ scam. No matter how much you spend on them, they are not going to leave any good impact on your skin. After trying many of the so called popular and celebrity endorsed anti aging solutions, I got real benefits from Nouvebelle Anti Aging Face Cream only.


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Tips About Howto Repair Collagen In Skin Underneath Eyes

Kid did I learn a very important training. I applied to use anti- products that you discover in the department and pharmacy store until used to do a little study. I then found out there are certainly a ridiculous number of synthetic chemical ingredients in these goods that will actually cause rapid aging in place of reverse aging. With my investigation I discovered that the best way to stop lines and since then, I’ve been very careful about what I put on my skin is by following these 5 simple steps.

By the position you accomplish your 30is your anti-aging program have to be increasing. There are several superb anti-aging eye creams available which will decrease the progress of these great lines. Todayis a wise time for you to choose one. You might wish to function a Anti Aging Cream for your daily routine. Currentlyis conjointly a reasonable time for you to have a weekly disguise plus a bi-weekly peel.

Discover how the treatment works. There are other ways that Anti Aging Creams can work. Some deep moisturize hydrating your skin by applying a picture about the skin that traps water below. This makes the wrinkles disappear and plumps up the skin. While you are using it ofcourse it only performs.

It is very undesirable to find out nails Anti Aging Cream Review and dirty and fragile finger nails. Ensure that you have at the least twice a month of manicure and pedicure to maintain your claws and nails clean and cut all the time. Do not forget that if your fingernails are ruined, there is nothing that you could do to correct it. You don’t wish this to happen? So be sure to consider proper care of your nails too.

The hazards include burning, scratching, redness, ache, dryness and flaking. Some women are unable to head out in public places for three to four nights, for their appearance. Scarring and bleeding may appear when the chemicals enter also seriously. To put it differently, skins can perform more harm than great.

It is important that you have a look at the ingredients that are used in almost any of the organic items that you are currently planning to be employing to get a night product. A genuine need is for a nighttime treatment solution as your skin ages and finding one which is made of organic ingredients may ensure that you aren’t currently utilizing any chemicals in your skin.

Life can be a method. It begins from a bud and ultimately ends up withering. Aging can’t halt but certainly we could delay it. We have to stay each day of our lives to the fullest. In being young we discover as well as we realize.